East 59 Hoover

200 Municipal Drive

Hoover, AL, USA 35216


Lee Branch coming Summer 2020

about our coffee & espresso

We are passionate about good coffee.


But we mean good in every sense. From ethical sourcing to local roasting to a quality cup, we want everyone in the coffee supply chain to benefit. With excellent seasonal coffee selections, you are sure to find a cup that fits your taste too.


As a proud server of Seeds Coffee, we love that:


1. Seeds has a high commitment to ethical sourcing of coffee. The coffee industry can be a dirty business, but Seeds has folks working diligently with farmers around the globe for mutual benefit.


2. Seeds has an unrelenting pursuit to offer the highest quality coffees from around the world. As their story goes:


Seeds Coffee Company began when a group of friends started roasting coffee in their kitchen using a Whirly Pop popcorn roaster. What originally started out as a hobby quickly developed into a passion for coffee, including a desire to learn as much as possible about the roasting process – always seeking out “a better cup.”


3. Seeds is passionate about coffee & about people. You will not be met with coffee snobbery, but well-trained baristas who want to serve people well.


4. Seeds is local. In an effort to support more local businesses, local non-profits, & local farmers, we could not be more excited about this partnership. We care about Birmingham, & supporting local is one of the best ways to show that commitment.

the drink menu

classic drip coffee

pourover coffee

iced coffee

cafe au lait





bright eye

tea latte

loose leaf tea


hot chocolate

mixed berry smoothie

peanut butter cup smooothie

protein smoothie

root beer float

coffee float

iced tea & sodas