the east lake mural on 1st

We have had so many people stop by as we have been painting the new East Lake mural on 1st Avenue North.

And everyone has lots of questions.

So here are some of the most frequently asked questions...

What is going on around here?

Well... A lot. East Lake has been experiencing lots of wonderful new things through many different people seeking to make the community a better place to live. Specifically with us, we are opening up a vintage store & café in the business district of 1st Avenue.

Why? Why here?

We live here. We have been dreaming about a place where people can gather & experience community in East Lake. We were speaking to one neighbor who said, "This used to be a thriving community. Neighbors used to get together. They really knew eachother. Now it seems like everyone is one their own. But I think things are starting to look different." Together, we believe that can change too.

What are the pictures in each letter of the mural?

Each image is a vintage picture of representing incredible places around East Lake. When people look at this mural, we want them to think about all the wonderful assets of this community that make it historically unique.

What method did you guys use to get the letters & pictures drawn?

We started at home by using a projector to project each letter onto brown packaging paper. We cut each one out & traced it onto the building. From there, we used chalklines to get all of the lines straight.

When designing each picture, we superimposed a picture of the building with the painted letter, lowered the opacity, fit the design, & then used a grid system to guesstimate where each line & object should go. There were no projected images put onto the building itself. Simple math & a little artistic creativity.

Is this considered graffiti?

We have been wondering the same thing. I guess the police don't stop you if you are painting by day. Just in case, we got all the right approval from the Design Review Board.


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