8 ways to love the earth at your local café

"Happy birthday, Earth!"

You can reduce waste & promote earth-friendliness by doing just a few simple things when you visit your favorite café. Here are some tips, Earthlings:

1. Sit down & drink your beverage in a real mug. You may even find that taking the time to sit down & collect your thoughts for the day may have a better impact on you than on the earth.

2. If you need a to-go cup, ask for your drink without a lid. That will be one less piece of plastic to waste. It may seem like a small thing, but if you're drinking coffee a few times a week, it amounts to 156 lids per year! And after all, really good coffee will taste better as it cools. PS: we serve really great coffee... ;)

3. Don't use that plastic stirrer. Instead, ask for a reusable spoon or use a small wooden stirrer.

4. Ask if your local café has a place to recycle or reuse coffee cup sleeves. While some people are germaphobes (we still love you, anyway), some folks wouldn't mind reusing a coffee cup sleeve. Tell your barista you will grab a used coffee sleeve.

5. Ask if your local café provides used coffee grounds for your local garden. We love to give out our used coffee grounds to anyone who asks. Grounds can be used as compost for a home garden, providing additional nutrients to the soil.

6. Request your salad be made fresh in a dine-in bowl. We make salads available in our refrigerated merchandiser for our customers who are on-the-go. However, you can request your salad be made in a for-here bowl. It's prettier & more environmentally friendly.

7. Bring a mason jar from home for your whole bean or ground coffee. Our baristas would be happy to weigh out coffee beans for you to take home in your personal jar. Whether ground or whole bean, an air-tight container can help maintain coffee freshness.

8. Meet a group of friends for coffee after a clean-up day. Join a neighborhood group or start your own that gathers to walk around & pick up trash. It's exercise, it's fun, & it's better than continuing to binge-watch that new show on Netflix. At least until later tonight.

How else can you love the planet this Earth Day? We'd love to hear your suggestions!

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