Coffee + Community

While we hope that we’re known for our delicious food and quality coffee, at East 59 we have a broader vision for our cafes. We aim to be your favorite local spot and, simply put, valuing our community matters to us.

A place to gather

When we first started realizing our dream of East 59 in 2013, we knew we wanted it to be a place where people could gather. More than just a restaurant to grab a coffee or a quick bite, we wanted to provide a natural space for community to grow, where people could be face-to-face in an increasingly digital world. While both of our locations have plenty of small tables and comfy spots for small groups or flying solo, we love seeing our long, communal tables fill up with groups of friends or local nonprofits dreaming of ways to serve and empower the neighborhood. We also have a conference room at our East Lake location, which is free to book online for meetings during business hours.

Local sources

Last year, we made an exciting switch in coffee providers. We now source our coffee from local roasters, Seeds Coffee. One of the things we love about Seeds, other than the fact that they’re right here in Birmingham, is their commitment to ethical trade. Seeds buys their beans directly from growers who employ sustainable farming practices that support coffee-growing communities. We also love to feature local produce in our seasonal specials, like last fall’s popular Harvest Panini, smothered in homemade apple butter from Urban Food Project apples.

A Space that’s Yours

A part of our early vision for East 59’s East Lake location was for it to fill a local need for event space. We are currently adapting the Vintage side of our shop to better accommodate receptions, rehearsal dinners, and other events. We want to make your night special, with a winsome ambience and delicious food.

Community Calendars

One of our favorite and most unique features is our floor-to-ceiling chalkboard calendars. These monthly calendars in both locations give patrons a snapshot of local activities, events, and opportunities. Whether it’s a yoga class at Ruffner Mountain, a free show at the Hoover Library, or just a reminder of who’s playing on Saturday, the calendars are for your neighborhood, in your neighborhood.

We hope that you’ll come by, bring your friends, have a chat with your barista, and enjoy your local café!

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