3 Years & Counting

They said it wasn’t a good idea.

“That’s a bad part of town.”

“No one will go there.”

“It’s a nice idea, but why are you opening a shop in that neighborhood?”

The short answer is: this is where we live. This is the neighborhood we care about.

But it hasn’t been easy.

We had hit so many roadblocks just to get open. From delayed construction, trying to work with the outdated systems of the City of Birmingham, finding trusted subcontractors, restoring a broken down old storefront, plumbing issues, infrastructure issues around the block, a constantly leaky roof, and more!

But through the grace of God, lots of perseverance, and a passion to see some restoration on the block, we opened.

That was three years ago. Looking back, it’s easy to see what’s made our little shop possible.

We are so amazed at the staff that has helped to shape our business. Each and every individual team member has left their unique footprint and made us better.

Our very diverse base of customers have been warm, welcoming, personable, and patient.

And it is because of our loyal customers and passionate team members that we have been able to launch our second location inside the Hoover Library and grow our catering & events business.

As we seem to grow further apart and more attached to our screens as a society, we hope that we can continue to be a place that welcomes people from all backgrounds to enjoy a good cup of coffee and meet some folks in their community face to face.

We may have faced doubts and difficulties since we started pursuing our dream to open in East Lake, but we’ve never regretted the decision. We’re honored and humbled to be a part of the community. We still believe that Birmingham’s urban neighborhoods have value & beauty.

Thanks for stopping in your neighborhood cafe.

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