Tips & Tricks: 4 Tips for Buying + Storing Coffee Beans For Home

Brewing coffee at home starts with a basic concept: buy good coffee and keep it good with proper storing!

To understand how to store your coffee beans, you want to decrease the amount oxygen allowed to reach the beans, consistent temperature, and avoid exposure to light. There are many ways to accomplish these goals. If you are as passionate about your coffee as we are, then here are some helpful tips to enjoy the freshest cup of coffee.

1. Do I refrigerate or freeze my coffee beans?

The short answer is no. Some coffee roasters will tell you to refrigerate the beans when opened to preserve the flavor and aroma. The beans *may* last longer, but once brewed the coffee might just not taste the same. The coffee beans can take in some of the aromas from other items you may have in your fridge, so it’s best to keep it tightly sealed and out of the fridge or freezer.

2. Should I keep the beans in the retail bag?

Each bag of coffee is designed with a small hole to prevent freshly roasted coffee from making the bags burst, which means the coffee bags are not air tight. If you purchase a bag of coffee, then you can keep it in the retail bag. However, we think it is best to store the beans in an airtight container, such as a mason jar with a lid.

3. How much should I purchase at a time?

It depends on how much coffee you make at home! It’s always to a good idea to buy your coffee in smaller batches because the beans can lose their freshness a few weeks after they are roasted.

4. Should I purchase whole beans or have them ground?

Purchasing the whole bean is a good idea if you have a good burr grinder at home. This will guarantee the freshest coffee. If you have a simple blade grinder, it may be best to have the barista grind the beans for you in the shop for a more consistent grind size and therefore, a more consistent brew. Just make sure you tell the barista what brew method you will be using at home so they can help select the best grind setting. Either way, whether you purchase pre-ground or whole bean coffee, freshness is key.

To get some great insights into brewing at home, check out our monthly coffee classes at Hoover and East Lake.

For those about to brew, we salute you.

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