7 Nonprofits Making a Difference in East Lake

It’s Giving Tuesday, and we want to highlight some ways that you can give back to the community! Because our founding café is in East Lake (which gives us our name, East 59), we’ve rounded up several of our favorite nonprofits that serve the East Lake area. If you’re looking for a good organization to donate your money or time to, look no further!

The information below is taken from the organizations’ websites.

East Lake Initiative


East Lake Initiative partners to strategically provide holistic community development within the greater East Lake area. Through intentional collaboration with the business community, local governments, educational institutions, and churches, ELI seeks to cultivate strategic relationships for the sake of community transformation in East Lake. Our initiatives include tutoring at Barrett Elementary, a home ownership and financial mentorship program, the East Lake Neighborhood Garden, and the East Lake Christmas Shop.

Community Care Development Network


Community Care Development Network exists to restore and unify families by promoting community development education in order to empower and influence our community to grow. Community Care Development Network is comprised of leaders in the community to help develop and maintain local programs servicing families throughout the Birmingham Metropolitan Area. Community Care Development Network is a faith based non-profit 501c3 Organization that specializes in healing and helping the whole family. Our purpose is to help heal the whole family through our community based programs.

PEER and the East Lake Market


P.E.E.R., Inc. is a nonprofit community health and development organization in the eastern area of Birmingham, Alabama. We aim to empower a thriving, diverse community through resources for healthy living, learning, and working. We do this by connecting people to existing resources and creating new resources to meet needs in the areas of community health, economic development, and education. We strive to enrich the lives of those with limited resources and place special emphasis on children and seniors.

Banks Academy


Banks Academy is an ACSI accredited private Christian High School located in the East Lake community of Birmingham, Alabama. The school opened in August of 2015 and is located at the original Lakewood Baptist Church’s building. Students that meet the qualifications to attend Banks Academy are awarded scholarships to help cover the cost of tuition. Most inner city high schools have low graduation rates and failing test scores when compared to successful schools. Parents in the Eastern area of Birmingham, now have an alternative when deciding where to send their high school-age children. Banks Academy is providing “school choice” for the parents and students in the eastern section of Birmingham.

NEW RISING STAR Community Support Corporation


New Rising Star Community Support Corporation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Birmingham, Alabama since 2005. We are serving our community with love and loving our community through service. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in Birmingham, AL by developing a community of choice through education, affordable housing & other services. In order to fulfill our mission, we have created a number of programs and services to revitalize and meet the needs of our community.

Christ Health Center


The work we are doing at Christ Health Center goes well beyond treating the sick. We are committed to the physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being of each of our patients. More than simply seeing the sick made well, at Christ Health Center we strive to see the well made whole and to see each patient living life abundantly. Our patients have access to the very best in primary care, dental services and professional counseling as well as medication therapy management through our on-site pharmacy. We accept all forms of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid, and offer a generous sliding scale fee-for-service option to our self-pay patients.

Hope Inspired Ministries


Hope Inspired Ministries (HIM) is a faith-based, local non-profit designed to train low-skilled, poorly educated, and/or chronically unemployed men and women to obtain and maintain employment. Through a rigorous 9-week job training program, each student participates in 360 hours of training which includes soft skills, employment skills, financial management, problem solving, conflict resolution and so many other critical skills. Each student participates in an internship with a local business. We conclude the course with a cap and gown graduation where every student offers a 3-5 minute speech regarding lessons learned in the course.

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